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Invest Assist


As an extension of the commitment that Radius has towards its esteemed investors, the company intends to offer expert marketing assistance through the ‘Invest Assist’ program. This program will offer a platform to the valued investors of ONE BKC, where subject market experts will drive the marketing effort for the units. The Invest Assist program will be powered by Radius in partnership with the two largest international property consultants in the world, CBRE & JLL. Given the global relationships and real estate expertise of the partners, the Invest Assist model can accelerate the pace at which an investor’s unit can be marketed.

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Ria Kothari
M: +91 98190 93600
Hardika Thakker
M: +91 98209 43237
Anand Vyas
M: +91 98194 47980
Benjamin Issac
M: +91 99200 77109
Faisal Jaleel
M:+91 98204 68677
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